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15.99 $ a month with 7 days free trial. Or 99.99$ a year.
Everything in one app, Mindset GPT can either enhance your experience with a human professional, or give you a tool to guild yourself on your own pace.
🛋️ Somatic + Integral Therapy

🫀Regulate Automatic Physical Reaction

🧠Recognize Mental Distortions & Delusions

🌈 Cultural & Social Economically sensitive & inclusive

🚀 Mindset + Solution Based Coaching

♒Change core belief about yourself

🔦Become more creative & resourceful

🕹️Focus on accountability with yourself

🤝 Situational + Personal Mentoring

🆙Quick Dos & Don'ts.

⚖Better way to communicate.

👍Make decisions based on famous mental models

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Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AI be as good as human friend/coach?

🌟 While AI can't fully replace the special bond of human friends and coaches, it shines in many ways! AI offers unbiased advice, is always there for you without any 'emotional baggage', and never gets tired - making it a super reliable and supportive buddy in your journey! 😄🚀 For a detailed comparison, read our blog

How can this be 100% anonymous?

You bet! 🌐 Your privacy is our top priority. All your logins are managed by the app stores, and we don't collect any data that can identify you. Plus, with our app as the intermediary, any info you share doesn't go directly to any Large Language Models (LLMs) we use - keeping your identity 100% anonymous.  You can also request all our data to be deleted on our platform.🛡️✨ 

Why shouldn't I use ChatGPT as my therapist?

🌈 ChatGPT can only give you answers that you are aware already yourself because the way it respond largely depends on how you ask the question. Mindset AI on the other hand build your psychological profile with proven theories and can proactively guide you to discover your blind spots .  Read full blog🚀🧠

What is 3rd-gen behavioural science you use in the app?

🌟 Our app incorporates 3rd-gen behavioral science with both top-down and bottom-up approaches, including CBT, DBT, Inner Child Work, Somatic Work, and Integration Therapy, to provide a holistic and personalized path to well-being. 🧠🌱✨

Can this app replace therapy?
💚Mindset AI is great for self-improvement, but it's not a replacement for professional mental health care. If you're dealing with serious mental health issues, please seek help from a professional or a crisis helpline. Our app is best used alongside expert guidance for your well-being. 🌟👥 Learn more from our user agreement.
How is Mindset different than other AI coach & therapist apps?

Mindset stands out from other AI coach and therapist apps! 🚀 We might be the first to support inner child work and somatic work. 🧒💫 Our onboarding questionnaire dives deep into understanding your psyche, and it keeps adapting based on events important to you. 🧠✨📈